Software Skills and the National Development Plan.

Date: 27 March 2014
Time: 08:30 to 11:00 AM
Location: Cape Town

This is the first of a series of debates on the NDP, job creation, education, economic growth and software skills in a knowledge economy.
CIO Seminar on the Protection of Personal Information Act.

Date: 24 April 2014
Time: 08:30 to 12:00 AM
Location: Cape Town

Experts speakers on POPI and implications for IT, data governance, security, legal compliance and consumer education.
The CIO Forum will be helping to launch a new e-learning initiative for schools that involves the use of Wi-Fi and mobile devices. We are looking at establishing 10 pilots representing a variety of schools and researching their unique and common challenges. Our aim is to publish a guideline and promote the adoption of technology in education with case studies of challenges that schools face.
With more than half of the our children in South Africa falling out of mainstream education before they can writer their matric, there is a growing need to find ways to help youths get their matric. By helping to establish a Matric Incubation program, we hope to assist students that are home schooled to get access to internet and computing resources to support their efforts to get a matric. Along the way we are exploring ways to equip matrics with computing skills.
The Digital Portfolio Committee of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been looking into the use of technology in education and the development of software skills. A policy review paper is being developed that the committee hopes to submit through the Chamber's Parliament Liaison Office to address the need for a highly skilled workforce that is relevant in a knowledge economy.
The TechnoTeens program which was initiated by the CIO Forum and its partnership with the Elgin Learning Foundation (ELF) completed a 1 year pilot of an after school program to help introduce high school students into computing - learning to program software and build computers. The CIO Forum hopes to further promote the model for advancing ICT in rural communities. The pilot program was funded by ABSA (Barclays) bank.
The Sunday Times and Johnnie Walker held a national award and campaign to highlight some of the positive work done by South Africans. Roderick Lim Banda was one of four finalists in the category of Mentor for his work on the TechnoTeens program.
Baratang Miya started GirlHype as a NPO in 2004 and has organized camps every year to provide girls from disadvantaged communities with opportunities to learn about careers in science, engineering and other qualifications offered by universities. More recently, GirlHype has began camps and workshops to introduce girls into computing technology, software development and digital media and web design.

Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry

TechnoTeens Africa


Elgin Learning Foundation

Centre for CIO Research in Africa